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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Warm-up activities

Have a look at this trailer and think about the following questions:

  1. What kind of film is it?
  2. Where was the film set in your opinion?
  3. Is it based on a book?
  4. Which historical period is it dated from?
  5. Can you imagine the plot?

After watching the trailer, answer these questions

Would you like to go and see the film?

Would you like to read the book if you haven't done so yet?

Finding out more about Guernsey Island

Let's start knowing the place where this film was set, a little bit better. Follow these steps:

1. Watch the video below:

2. Write four new things you have learned about Gernsey.

3. Think about these questions:

Do you know any other places that remind you of Gernsey? 

Why do you think they are similar? 

Can you think of locations near you where films have been set? Why were the locations chosen by the film crew?

4. Now, plan a paragraph about a location nearby where a film has been set. Explain the features of the location, what film was set there, when it was made, who played in it, the reasons for the choice of location, and so forth. Talk about the location too and if you'd recommend it to visitors and to other film directors. Back up your answers.

5. Finally, when your draft is ready, record a video clip with your outcome. Share it using #leerenlaeoideluarca on Twitter or Facebook; you can let us know and we'll publish it on the school's Facebook page.

Connecting History and Movies

1. Read this article about The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and its link with a well-known historical period.

2. Pay special attention to the layout of paragraphs, the use of passive tenses, the ideas that the text conveys and look up any words and phrases that you might not understand.

3. Use the sample article you have just read in order to write your own film review. Include, at least:

The plot.

The name of the film and the crew: director, producer, staff, awards, if any, and so forth.

Location, historical period dated (if any), when it was set, local customs and traditions depicted, etc.

Your personal opinion about it. Would you recommend the film? Why?/Why not?

Retrieved from The Telegraph

Now that you are done with these learning missions, are you looking forward to reading the book?

If so, here you are: Get the eBook!

To be continued. Stay tuned!


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