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Essay about immortality

If Benjamín Button had heard about the Strugldbruggs he would have thought like Gulliver: what awesome people they should be!, since Benjamin Button was not immortal, BB simply disappeared when his childhood ended. (I know this is difficult to understand, so we should know that our character had a reverse ageing). If only he had been able to be immortal! B.B. and Gulliver couldn’t know the truth about the Strugldbruggs’ eternal life. Their contract with life had a lot of small print. However the Strugldbruggs and B.B. have things in common. Both were rejected by society, because both were freaks, who made the life of people around complicated. However B.B. was fortunate because at the end of his life, he was loved. He was really winning love. The youngest he was, the most loved he was. This is the summary of his life. Nevertheless, the Strugldbruggs, scarred by destiny, lose their love due to their appearance. Honestly, the idea of immortality is not attractive and in case we had some doub…

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When we talk about Benjamin Button and the immortal people of Gulliver´s travels, both of them are really complicated situations. All of us know the story of Benjamin, a man who was born as an elderly one and becomes younger and younger with the passage of the years. This is very traumatic because you are always “the different one”. When children go to school, play and have fun, your body is an old man’s. Everybody looks at you as if you were a stranger and you can’t play with them in the same way because of your physical limitations. It’s also the moment for having experiences with friends, with girls, with everything in general, but you can’t do it as the rest does. On the other hand, when you have the experience of all your lived years, your appearance is of a child’s, so nobody will take you seriously. Your body and your age go on against human nature, so you will always feel different and, what is worse, alone. The case of the immortal people of Gulliver’s travels is completely di…


Are you one of those persons who think: “I wish I were immortal”? Beyond not having time limitation, being immortal does not mean being young forever. Imagine you lived hundreds of years with a serious illness and being an unhappy person. Living hundreds of years would not mean happiness. So, I think the quality of living is more important than the number of years you live. On the other hand, being immortal means living without the threat of dying. Living in reverse means to be born as an old man and die as a child. The more years you live, the healthier you are. Death is a threat but you are able to know your maximum time of life. To conclude, there are pros and cons to both these choices.
Julia Garrido Medina

“Gulliver’s travels” and “The curious case of Benjamin Button”

“Gulliver’s travels” and “The curious case of Benjamin Button” are two totally implausible stories; you couldn’t take either of them seriously! The Struldbruggs and Benjamin Button are characters whose lives are completely different from ours. The Struldbruggs are people who do not even die. They are born with a special mark on their heads and everyone knows who they are. They behave like ordinary people until they are about thirty years old, then they become depressed for the rest of their lives. At the age of eighty they are like any other old people: they forget things and they become ill. After this they lose all their friends. When they are ninety they have no memory at all. They can’t remember words. From two hundred years old they can’t speak to people because the language of the country has changed and they are not able to learn a new language. When I read this story, I thought about how life could change if we lived for ever. Apparently, we wish this was true. I think it would b…

The Struldbrugs and Benjamin Button

Being immortal is the great wish of human beings. Who has not dreamt of being immortal? My first idea about the possibility of being eternal was similar to Gulliver’s: I thought it would be fantastic because we would have a lot of experience and wisdom, so we would be able to learn from our mistakes. However, the Struldbrugs’ lives are not as idyllic as I had believed. For instance, when they turned thirty they become melancholic and feel depressed and some decades later they have no memory, so it’s similar to having Alzheimer. Not only are not their lives fantastic, but they are terrible. I think this is, in some sense, a living death and it is not worth it. As a result, I have thought a bit more about immortality. If we were immortal, we wouldn’t enjoy our lives as much as we actually do because we would know that we would have all the time of the world to do whatever we wanted. In my opinion, we appreciate (or we should do) things much more when we know they have an end. If we never…


Marina Vijande Quintana         
Benjamin Button and the Struldbrugs are completely different creatures but they have something in common: an abnormal and terrible life result of the imagination of its creators.             On the one hand, Benjamin Button is born old and ages backwards in the course of his life.             On the other hand, the Struldbrugs are immortal creatures. Quoting the author, Jonathan Swift, “a child happened to be born in a family with a red circular spot in the forehead […] which was an infallible mark that it should never die”. At first glance this idea doesn’t seem so terrible, but these creatures are doomed to live forever as very old people, with mental and physical faculties fully depleted.             Benjamin Button knows exactly the date of his death, but the Struldbrugs know that that day will never come and they feel increasingly tired…             What is the most terrible life? Which one would you choose? Think carefully about your choice before yo…

Who wants to live forever?

“Who wants to live forever?” Freddy Mercury sang in the famous soundtrack of the well-known film Highlander. And, “who wouldn’t?” Gulliver might have thought when he knew about the existence of the struldbrugs, although he changed his mind after having known the cruel reality of those people from Luggnagg.  However, we can’t blame Gulliver for those thoughts. All of us can imagine what wonderful things we could make if we were able to avoid death. As the English traveller imagined, a lot of wealth, knowledge and social prestige would be easy to achieve in our everlasting life. Benjamin Button’s case is more complicated, and I think it’s also more original in the history of people’s literature. It’s a fact that there has always been, in many cultures and religions throughout the history, the idea of eternal life, although that life was lived after death, while I had never heard about a similar case to Benjamin Button’s before I read that story. However, a life lived backward isn’t a ver…

Benjamin Button and the Struldbrugs

During this academic year we´ve been trying a wider approach to English literature by reading two novels which seemed quite different at first sight, but we have  been able to find some things in common in them..
It hasn't been easy, I can tell you, but we are ready to share with you some pieces of  the good work the students have done both as readers and as critics .Congratulations! My challenge  was : "Compare the struldbrugs in Gulliver's third journey to Benjamin Button"
And little by little by little you'll find out the result.

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Gulliver's Travel to Navia

A Wall of Books

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Gulliver's Travels

‘Gulliver’s travels’ is an adventurous novel written by Jonathan Swift in 1726. Preceded by short summaries at the beginning of each of the chapters, the main character of the book, a young sailor called Gulliver, is in charge of telling us the story of his unbelievable experiences during his trips.
During his first voyage, Gulliver is shipwrecked and when he wakes up he realizes that his arms, legs and long hair have been tied to the ground, by tiny people, less than six inches tall who are the inhabitants of Lilliput. When they become aware of his good behaviour, he is given a residence in Lilliput. He refuses to reduce the empire of Blefuscu, which is an island situated in the north-east side of Lilliput, so Gulliver is charged with treason and sentenced to be blind. Gulliver is helped by a good friend and escapes to Blefuscu, where he finds a boat and sails out. After some difficulties he returns safe to his native country.
Two months later he starts a second voyage. He sets sail in…

1st April

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