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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2011

¡Feliz 2012!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Bonne année

Ath bhliain faoi mhaise

Blwyddyn newydd dda

Gelukkig nieuwjaar

¡¡¡¡¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!!!

The Doll's Trip

The Doll’s Trip
Ginna was a beautiful doll. She had a sweet face, long blonde curly hair and a lovely dress. She had been one of the Christmas presents for Sarah two years before. Sarah, who was a five-year-old child, had a lot of toys, but Ginna had become her favourite doll. Ginna had gone on holidays with the family, to Sarah’s school, to her horse riding classes…
 Sarah’s parents had good jobs and a comfortable house in a little city in England. Sarah had many more things than she needed and, as a result, she was a bit spoilt and she got bored of playing with the same toys. Therefore, some months after that Christmas, Sarah had forgotten Ginna, who had gone out of fashion. Like many other Sarah’s toys, she had been left in a corner of the play room.
Christmas was coming and Sarah’s parents decided to give some old Sarah’s toys away to a NGO that sent books and toys to children in the Third World.
Ginna arrived at a big warehouse where there were lots of dolls and other toys which h…

The Best Christmas Present

When I was a child I would spend Christmas holidays with my family. Every year we used to do the same things: we always put the Christmas tree up and the Nativity together, then on Christmas Night all the family had dinner, the delicious food which my grandmother had cooked. After that, on New Year’s Eve, we usually ate the grapes and finally, I looked forward to The Three Wise Men’s arrival.

I especially remember the Christmas time in 1995. It was Christmas Day. I was 6 years old. I was playing when suddenlythe phone rang. My grandfather picked it up. It was my father who announced to us that my brother had been born!I already hada sister ,but he was the first boy in the family. We went to see him quickly. I was very excited and I’ll never forget the moment when I met him.
After a few days, my mother and my brother, called Rubén, came home. Everybody visited them. As a result, I was a little jealous because the people didn’t pay attention to me. I would have liked to play with him but …

Modern Times

Modern Times                                  Sonia Busto Avello 2nd Year Intermediate Level

My name is Nicholas but everybody knows me as “Santa”. My job is to give out toys to good children and coal to bad children. I´ve always been doing this job and I haven´t found too many difficulties until now. For a lot of centuries, every year at Christmas my elves receive children´s letters, and they start to work in the workshop. My helpers make me a useful list where they write the children´s names and the gifts they ask for. The elves write different addresses depending on the child´s family and I hand out the gifts here and there. But nowadays,there are more and more children and a lot of children write more than one letter. They send one letter from their house, another one from their grandparents´, and some of them send others from other places and although  most  children send their letters by mail, some of them send their letters by e-mail and other modern ways. As a result, our databas…

The open window and a nervous man

Patricia, a B1 ESL learner at our school, has just read The open window, one of the short stories included in Wicked and Humorous Tales, by Saki, and is telling us about a nervous man.

Susi and Saki

Susi, a B1 ESL learner at our school, is recommending one of the six short stories from this book by Saki.

My original Santa Claus

I do hate Christmas! I look at other people, and I think “I must be a freak in this too”. But, I really hate Christmas! No matter how hard I try, I can’t see the point of being happy while celebrating Christmas. Moreover, I also hate the terrible cold weather, how much it rains or how early it gets dark at Christmas time. To make things even worse, during these days my house is always full of people, so I have to share my room with my stupid brother. Like in previous years, all my uncles and cousins are going to come and I’m afraid they will destroy my poor toys as usual. At least, last year I still had my dog Whisky with me for chatting. But this time, I know it’s going to be horrible. Nevertheless, the worst thing is the way all my teachers behave when Christmas is approaching. Everybody, all at once, seems to agree to ask for something special for the hateful Christmas. My Arts teacher wants us to design some original Christmas cards for everyone; my Music teacher asks us to compose…

Relatos de Navidad .... con mucha imaginación y creatividad !

Me llamo Margarita Díaz , soy una de las dos profesoras de Francés de la EOI de Luarca. Me complace ofrecerles los relatos de Navidad compuestos por mis alumnos de 2ºNB , de 1ºNI y de 2ºNI ... Todos mis estudiantes son unos "artistas" Aquí os los presento : Isaac Cernuda Rubio1º NI
Ce jour-là de décembre il faisait froid dans la consultation de Madame Chavanel à Paris. C’était une psychologue importante, avec une grande réputation dans son métier. À ce moment, elle était en train de boire un café crème. Elle aimait s’asseoir sur son vieux canapé, où ses patients lui parlaient de leurs peurs et tristesses. À l’extérieur, il avait commencé à neiger, pendant que les gens faisaient leurs achats de Noël. Tout à coup, Madame Chavanel a entendu un bruit. Á la porte de sa consultation il y avait un vieil homme habillé en rouge avec une longue barbe. — Qu’est-ce que vous voulez, Monsieur ?, a-t-elle demandé —Je veux parler avec Mme. Chavanel, a répondu le vieu…

Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas                                   Henar García Alonso, 1st Year  Advanced Level

It’s Christmas time, the weather is cold and it’s time to have good moments with your family and friends.
Having delicious meals is customary and in some villages it is also a tradition to fill the pantry with the meats from the “pig  slaughter”. And this is what we are going to talk about.
Everything starts early in the morning, when the pigs arrive home .They come without their guts, ready to be quartered. With the different cuts of the pig you can make ham, sausages, palette, bacon, black pudding , spiced ribs and whatever you like.
You usually prepare hams, palettes, bacon and spine together, because they need to be kept in salt for some time in order to be properly cured. Sausages are made with pork meat, some fat, sweet paprika, garlic, parsley, salt and hot paprika (if you feel like it). For the black pudding there are a lot of different recipes but, basically they are made of pork meat, f…

Adela, by Rosa Menéndez

-Adela, Adela. Come on, it’s time to wake up. Come on darling. This is your last day at school before Christmas. -Oh yes, I Know. Oh! Mum please help me, my legs hurt. -Oh darling, what´s the matter? We went to the doctor and everything is OK. You must wake up by yourself. -No mum, I can´t, I´m telling you the truth. -OK, OK I’ll help you. -It´s enough mum, thank you, I’ll do the rest by myself. Adela had been a charming girl, a good friend and a good student. In spite of her deficiency (she was born with a malformation of the hip) she was a happy kid, and had a lot of friends. Even when her parents split up five years ago she continued to make everybody happy around her. Now Adela is fifteen, and she has begun to think by her own. Yesterday she was rejected by Danny, the boy she liked; and she spent all the evening thinking about that and about her mother:             “I would like her to be here and tell her a couple of things, but she is not here. Sure! She is working. Oh yes, of course! H…