miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Ganadora del concurso de relatos navideños 2012. Departamento de Inglés. Nivel Avanzado


Every year Santa has got more and more difficulties to fly safely because every year there are more and more aircrafts, atmospheric probes, electric high voltage towers...and people don’t know that Santa had a great problem some years ago.
That Christmas like every Christmas, Santa went out in order to deliver the toys all around the world and he had just delivered almost half of the gifts when an unknown object crossed their way very fast. Rudolph, which is the guide of the other reindeer, couldn’t do anything and he lost control. Therefore, the reindeer crashed with each other. As a result, some of them suffered injuries and the delivery was stopped immediately.
Fortunately, Santa has got an emergency team so as to solve almost anything because he can’t afford to fail. Everybody knows that Santa has only one night to do his job so he called them and, as soon as possible they were in the place of the accident.
The problem was quite serious because despite of the fact that there weren’t any broken bones, Rudolph’s snout, which is similar to an GPS, didn’t start and couldn’t switch on its red light so the elves had to work hard in order that Santa could do the delivery before the sun had risen.
Finally, Santa could do his job in time although he finished almost in the morning and as a result that year some lucky and early rising children could see how Santa crossed the sky in his sleigh at dawn.

Sonia Busto Avello 1º Av.

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