domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Struldbruggs and Benjamin Buttton

The name struldbrugg is given to those humans in the nation of Luggnagg who are born seemingly normal, but are in fact immortal. However, although they do not die, they do nonetheless continue aging.
Benjamin Button was a man who is born with the physical appearance of an eighty-year-old man and as the years pass he rejuvenates.
If I have to compare both I only find one thing in common: the loneliness of both characters, because in several chapters of theirs life they felt alone.                                
In the case of Benjamin Button when he should be playing in the park or going to school he was like an old man, and when he should be living without working, enjoying his grandchildren he was like a child ,so he never interacted with the people of his age. He lived in a permanent asynchrony with the rest of humans.                                          
In the case of the Struldbruggs they didn’t belong to the same family so, although they could live happily with their family until their parents and brothers become old.    Some people could appreciate the advantage of immortality, but in this case both characters finally feel alone during the story, because no person wants to bury their children, wife, grandchildren.                                                                                            
It’s not easy to challenge the laws of nature, and I can’t imagine how you can feel being some of this kind of people, being a part of the story, and living in experience firsthand the most important events like World war II, a big nation being born, the fall of Berlin wall, etc.

Henar García, 1st NA

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