viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Accuracy: Books vs. Films


According to the novel which it is based on, the most accurate film I´ve ever watched is “The Godfather”. Everything on it is exactly as the writer tells us in the book. All the story follows the plot, more or less.
It begins showing us the powerful Corleone´s family, with all its members. During the film we can know all of them: how they are and how they act depending on their different personalities, the problems they have, their own thoughts and disputes.
The plot is very close, and it tells us the events that happen with all kind of details: the murders, the kidnappings, the dangerous environment of the city or the conflicts into the family. I think that recreating the violent atmosphere where everything happens and they have to live and take decissions makes the film really accurate.
The actors are great and they look exactly like the writer describes them throughout the book. We can highlight Marlon Brando´s character because when somebody hears about “The Godfather”, his image with his suit on, his moustache, and his great charisma stroking his white cat appears automatically in your mind.
New York, the city where part of the story takes place, seems really accurate to the book and to the time when it happens.
Also things like the clothes people wear, the cars or even the weapons they use in the film are quite similar.
The book is great, and it didn´t seem easy to make such a great film based on it. Both of them are some of my favourite.

Alberto Suárez, 1st NA

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