miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

“Gulliver’s travels” and “The curious case of Benjamin Button”

Gulliver’s travels” and “The curious case of Benjamin Button” are two totally implausible stories; you couldn’t take either of them seriously!
The Struldbruggs and Benjamin Button are characters whose lives are completely different from ours.
The Struldbruggs are people who do not even die. They are born with a special mark on their heads and everyone knows who they are. They behave like ordinary people until they are about thirty years old, then they become depressed for the rest of their lives.
At the age of eighty they are like any other old people: they forget things and they become ill. After this they lose all their friends. When they are ninety they have no memory at all. They can’t remember words. From two hundred years old they can’t speak to people because the language of the country has changed and they are not able to learn a new language.
When I read this story, I thought about how life could change if we lived for ever. Apparently, we wish this was true. I think it would be wonderful but only if older people could be well, wise and healthy because they need their abilities in order to be happy for their whole life.

Benjamin Button is a person who started his life being old and aged in reverse to be a baby. I remember especially the part of the story when his father went to the hospital to see his child. However, he found a small old men who spoke in an aged voice.
This is a thought-provoking novel which makes me realise that not only must we use the opportunities which life brings us, but we shouldn’t waste our time either.

Soraya Suárez González
1º NA Inglés

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