viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Essay about immortality

If Benjamín Button had heard about the Strugldbruggs he would have thought like Gulliver: what awesome people they should be!, since Benjamin Button was not immortal, BB simply disappeared when his childhood ended.
(I know this is difficult to understand, so we should know that our character had a reverse ageing).
If only he had been able to be immortal!
B.B. and Gulliver couldn’t know the truth about the Strugldbruggs’ eternal life. Their contract with life had a lot of small print.
However the Strugldbruggs and B.B. have things in common. Both were rejected by society, because both were freaks, who made the life of people around complicated.
However B.B. was fortunate because at the end of his life, he was loved. He was really winning love. The youngest he was, the most loved he was. This is the summary of his life.
Nevertheless, the Strugldbruggs, scarred by destiny, lose their love due to their appearance.
Honestly, the idea of immortality is not attractive and in case we had some doubts, Gulliver’s travels writer explains to us clearly:
‘The reader will easily believe that from what I had heard and seen, my keen appetite for perpetuity of life was much abated.’

By Paco

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