viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Dickens is back!

This morning I was walking through Portobello Road in London. The city has changed a lot since the 18th century and suddenly I saw a man, very much like Fagin, the old Jewish who manages a band of thieves in my book Oliver Twist.
He was sitting on a old fruit box while his eyes were surveilling the three or four boys and girls who were prowling among the stalls and the stressed people, ohhh…how stressed people are in the 21st century!
But, now I am wondering why such cruel people with children continue existing in this current modern world. Argggg…. Some attitudes never change!!! 

Graciela Suárez. Advanced level. Year 2

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  1. Great tribute, Graciela, to celebrate Dickens' 200th birthday, thanks a lot!