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The Interlopers: alternative endings

Here you have the different endings the students have written.
Make your comments.

Alternative endings

They heard a noise, but they couldn’t see anything because they were surrounded by branches. Ulrich called for help. Georg called for help too. Together, they called for help again.
Georg heard people running towards them. Suddenly, they saw the branches had been turned away. It was their wives. Each one had a broom in her hands. The women began to beat them with their brooms and to say:
-      You will not fight any more! You had been fighting since you were children. It is time to stop this. We are tired of so much struggle!
del Rocío Fernández Baniela

"When the two men were lying and they felt terrible pains, Ulrich still had hope, but Georg didn't. Finally Ulrich's men came because they had waited for ten minutes and Ulrich hadn't come out of the forest yet. They were friends for ever."
Sonia Busto Avello

Finally Ulrich caught his rifle and he hunted a wolf, then the other wolves went far away from them.
Ulrich’s men and Georg’s men could hear them and found the two men under the tree. They released Ulrich and Georg.
In the future they will be good friends and will hunt together.

Ricardo José Fernández Martínez

Finally, Ulrich´s men arrived first and helped Greog, who was more serious. A few days later, Ulrich went to visit the hospital where he recovered from his wounds to end once and for all with the conflict. Ulrich proposed him to create a nature reserve, protected from hunting, in which neither they not anyone else could hunt to make it a place where people could enjoy nature. Greog liked the idea, and months after his recovery, opened the park, which they called "the interlopers" due to the presence of wolves in this.
Cristina López

 Suddenly some men came towards Ulrich and Georg. They were their men guards. They began to shoot the wolves with their rifles and Ulrich and Georg could be free. Then, they became good friends.
Aurora López

But the wolves weren’t interested in the men, perhaps because both of them had a rifle. A  few minutes later the tree moved alone an Ulrich helped Heinrich to go out of the forest. When they found Ulrich’s men, they carried him to hospital. Four weeks later, Ulrich saw him in the village. He walked towards Heinrich and told him: “Thank you neighbour, perhaps we will not be friends, but  I am sure that we will never be enemies again”
Jesús Manuel Fernández

When the snow was falling down and the wind was blowing harder, the wolves arrived to eat them. The two men looked at each other and ,doing a great effort they could move the trunk and get free. After that night they were the best neighbours in the world.
The End.
Ignacio De Vicente

It wasn’t wolves, but “Care Bears” that released them from the fallen tree and healed his injuries and took their secret home to live with the unicorn.
Darío Jan Wagenaar

When they were thinking they would die there, a man who was walking across the forest met them and helped them to escape from under the tree. Finally they ere alive and friends, forgetting their grandparents’ problems
Marina Gavilán Miranda

 Ulrich and Georg were shouting for half an hour, then they stopped because they were tired and ten minutes after, they began to shout again. Finally, they were lucky men because two guards found and helped them.
                                                                                                                       Ana Rosa Fndez. Berdasco  

4 comentarios:

  1. I think the most realistic ending is Jesus' ending, because, in my opinion, is nearly impossible to be enemies today and best friends tomorrow.

    Another reason to say it's a good ending is because unicorns don't appear...

  2. I think that the endings are in general very similar. Generally they finish with a great friendship. But in my opinion, the best is the Cristina's ending because she introduce also a good solution for their problem.

  3. In general all stories have a good ending because they would to be enemies never.
    For me, Aurora´s ending is the most exciting due to the fight with the wolves with their rifles