jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Swimmer

What is your interpretation of this story?
                When I was a child, one on my worst nightmares was that I would wake up in the morning and nobody knew who I was. That though made me feel very nervous and I usually cried uncontrollably. Reading this short story had made me think about that childhood fear and I didn’t like to do it at all, especially because this short story is even more distressing: time has passed much slowlier for the main character than for the rest of the world. In conclusion, I think that everybody, sooner or later, share the same fears: being alone, not having any place to go to, nobody to remember you…

Say which of the two short stories we have read in this book you have liked more and why.
            I have liked more “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” especially because I didn’t enjoy the other story at all for the reasons I’ve said before. Another reason that I consider very important is the fact that “The Curious Case…” is more popular than “The Swimmer” because of Brad Pitt’s film released three years ago. And I think that when you have the obligation to read a story that you have not chosen, the precious idea you have about it helps you (or makes difficult) the reading. 

3 comentarios:

  1. I quite agree. I also think that "The Swimmer" is more difficult than "The curious case of Benjamin Buton".
    The book may have been famous because of the film.
    However, I've watched it and now I've read the story and I can say that they are completly different.

  2. I have really enjoy all the interpretations of the story and I admire the analytical skills of all my classmates.
    There are many different interpretations but, more or less, all of you share the same opinion about the story: a criticism of the American way of life.
    I realize I didn't understand the idea the writer wanted to convey with this story.

  3. It is scary thinking it is a story of loneliness and madness. Although one leads inexorably to the other. Both characters are surrounded by people who don't relate to them.