sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

The Curious case of Benjamin Button and The Swimmer

Soraya Suárez González 1º NA
What is your interpretation of the short story “The Swimmer”?

This story is a mixture of mystery, confusion and intrigue.
When I started to read it, I believed Neddy Merril and his family were spending a fantastic day together. He wanted to do something different so he would cross swimming the 12 kilometres that there were between their neighbours’ houses and his own house.

However, when the story continued it was completely different. People looked at him as if he was crazy , they complained because he had had bad luck…Even the weather had changed: it turned into a very cold day!

At the end of the day, he got home. Nevertheless it was closed. It seemed as if nobody had been there for a long time. He didn’t understand anything!

I think Neddy Merril lived in the past, in his own memories. He had had the ideal family and a perfect life, yet he had lost them. He didn’t know what had happened or he might not remember and he wasn’t helped by anybody.

Say which of the two short stories we have read in this book you’ve liked more and why.

I have liked the two stories as they are very interesting; when you start reading them, you can’t stop!

Nonetheless, if I had to choose one of them, I would prefer “The curious case of Benjamin Button”. It’s amazing. I had already watched the film, but the story is completely different. Nowadays it’s impossible for it to happen so it makes your imagination develop.

When we read it, we think how life would change if we lived from being elderly to being babies and we realize something similar happens in our society. The most important topic in this story is that we have to be useful the opportunities which we have if we don’t want to have regrets in the future. 

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  1. Reading the various intepretations of "The Swimmer" gives us a complex view of what the author might wanted to tell us. Although all are very interesting, which i liked more was Cristina's one, since it is similar to my own interpretation.Also i liked Amanda's interpretation.In my opinion, she has done a very complete and intelligible interpretation.
    On the other hand, i would like to point out that Marina´s interpretation is to me the most original.
    I agree with all those whom liked more "The Curios Case of Benjamin Button" as it is a more pleasant and funnier story and you can enjoyed more reading it.
    Julia Garrido Medina