miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

The curious case of Benjamin Button and the Swimmer


1.- What is your interpretation of this short story?

In my opinion Neddy was an unhappy and unlucky man and with this story the writer tries to symbolize Neddy’s life’s journey.
The account starts with a normal situation, on one summer Sunday where a man was talking to other friends, and suddenly he decided to start swimming moving from one swimming pool to another in the neighbourhood in order to come back home, which is miles away.
He had some obstacles along the way and finally when he got to get home he found a devastating and tragic story, his house was empty and he was alone in life.

Neddy has named the chain of pools “Lucinda River”. Lucinda was his  wife’s name, so I imagine he meant to evoke the longevity of his marriage and family. We don’t know much about their marriage, but we know about Neddy’s affair with Shirley, an affair he treated lightly and to which he attached no meaning. Treating adultery so casually implies that Neddy assumed that Lucinda would always be there, supportive and secure. But this wasn’t true so his choice of name becomes ironic since he finished his chain in a dark and deserted home. Maybe it was the consequence of his actions.

2.- Say which of the two short stories we have read in this book you have liked more
 and why.

I prefer “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” because it is easier to read and to understand. I had to read “The Swimmer” twice in order to find the interpretation of the story.

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  1. It's brilliant you interpretation of the great "crossing Lucinda's river" as a life project failed. It is a sad metaphor for the aspirations of the middle class.