jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

The Curious case of Benjamin Button and The Swimmer

The Swimmer

Jose Ramón 1NA

In my opinion I must agree with conclusion made by the Spanish editor in the brief introduction to this short story. In the end, the author J. Sheever makes a criticism about the socially accepted idea of “the American dream”. The Swimmer is a story about a well provided middle-aged man blessed with a good family and who is admired by his neighbours. Suddenly, an apparently absurd idea of crossing all the country swimming in the pools of all his neighbours seems to drive him crazy. He thinks about himself that he is spending his leisure time, but you can see that he is looking all that is worthy for him, family, currency, acceptation by others… In the end he comes to the deception of his abandoned house and ruined life.
To be honest I didn’t like any of the short stories, but if I have to choose one I would prefer the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, specially the scene at the hospital when Benjamin was born. I think that it express with good sense of humour the unrealistic situation of a seventy-year-old baby talking to his young and surprised father.

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  1. Certainly, the story of Benjamin Button is more full of anecdotes, his reading is more enjoyable, because an impossible situation is presented for a start. The rest is to let the pen write.