martes, 24 de enero de 2012

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Swimmer

Cristina de la Uz Fernández.1NA

I think this is another sad story about the human beings’ hypocrisy. In order to show that, the author uses the character of Neddy Merril, who was used to living surrounded by upper-class people, glamorous parties and all kind of comforts. However this life full of richness does not last forever because of the terrible crisis that his country is living. At that moment, Neddy, instead of accepting the reality, he avoids it and he goes on acting as usual. Then, his new aim will be to come back home swimming across the river Lucinda, an imaginary river whose course is made of all the swimming pools along the county. In his particular trip his neighbours take their masks off and disdain, revenge, hatred and mockery show their real personalities when he is not that wealthy man any more.
As regards the reading, I think The Swimmer makes it a tedious reading because the whole story is a metaphor , however the author describes realistically the customs of the upper classes of that time. I prefer The Curios Case of Benjamin Button because I like fiction and suspense literature. Besides it is easier to read. 

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