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Modern Times

Modern Times                                  Sonia Busto Avello 2nd Year Intermediate Level

My name is Nicholas but everybody knows me as “Santa”. My job is to give out toys to good children and coal to bad children. I´ve always been doing this job and I haven´t found too many difficulties until now.
For a lot of centuries, every year at Christmas my elves receive children´s letters, and they start to work in the workshop. My helpers make me a useful list where they write the children´s names and the gifts they ask for. The elves write different addresses depending on the child´s family and I hand out the gifts here and there.
But nowadays,there are more and more children and a lot of children write more than one letter. They send one letter from their house, another one from their grandparents´, and some of them send others from other places and although  most  children send their letters by mail, some of them send their letters by e-mail and other modern ways. As a result, our databases are collapsed and I can’t do my job right and I make some mistakes. My team thinks that because of this some children in the world received more gifts than others.
Previously, we -my reindeer and I- could do this job in one night, but now we have difficulties because there are more and more deliveries that we have to do, and YOU don´t make it easy ; the reindeers have to avoid a lot of things such as TV and radio antennas, electric towers, streetlights and traffic lights. The  houses don´t have a chimney, they only have air conditioning towers and although the magic power and the elevators help us, every year it is more difficult for us to do all  our work in only a night.
It is true that we like the children’s smiles when they discover their presents and we like seeing their good behaviour all year long so as to receive their gifts and this is the reason why we are able to get over all difficulties. However, we wish our job to be perfect in order that all children will be able to receive the toys that they have requested.
So I’ll give you some advice. Please:
ü      You should write only one letter - here you can explain all you want but in one letter please- and should be sent by mail.
ü      You should think about the gifts that you really want and about the things that you really need - it will be the way that the elves don´t feel so tired because they have to work too much if you ask for a lot of things-.
ü      You must remember that there are a lot of children around the world and all of them ask  forpresents.
ü      We would be very grateful if you checked your house´s obstacles.
Well, my team and I hope that these easy tips will help us  give out presents to all  the children in the world. You must know that if you help us, you help other children and  Christmas will be better.

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