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The Doll's Trip

The Doll’s Trip

Ginna was a beautiful doll. She had a sweet face, long blonde curly hair and a lovely dress. She had been one of the Christmas presents for Sarah two years before. Sarah, who was a five-year-old child, had a lot of toys, but Ginna had become her favourite doll. Ginna had gone on holidays with the family, to Sarah’s school, to her horse riding classes…

 Sarah’s parents had good jobs and a comfortable house in a little city in England. Sarah had many more things than she needed and, as a result, she was a bit spoilt and she got bored of playing with the same toys. Therefore, some months after that Christmas, Sarah had forgotten Ginna, who had gone out of fashion. Like many other Sarah’s toys, she had been left in a corner of the play room.

Christmas was coming and Sarah’s parents decided to give some old Sarah’s toys away to a NGO that sent books and toys to children in the Third World.

Ginna arrived at a big warehouse where there were lots of dolls and other toys which had been forgotten by their owners. Ginna asked where they were going to and Ben, a cheerful tin soldier, told her they were going to meet  other children who wouldn’t get tired of playing with them.

Ginna’s clothes were washed and after that she was gift-wrapped. After a long journey, she and the other toys arrived at another warehouse in Quito, Ecuador. There, she was taken to a little village in the mountains of Ecuador, where Sami lived.

Sami was the eldest of five siblings, three girls and two boys. Her family had almost nothing. They worked very hard on the land and had one goat. In spite of their poverty, they were happy. However, Sami was sad because Christmas was coming and she didn’t like it. She had been wishing a doll for the last years but Father Christmas had never arrived in her small village. Sami thought Father Christmas didn’t like poor children although her parents said he might not know how to get to her house.

On Christmas Day Sami was pretty angry and sad. She didn’t understand why her family was so happy. When Sami was helping her mother to sweep, a van arrived at the hamlet. All the children ran towards it.

There were a lot of presents for all of them! While she was unwrapping her present, she was really excited. At last, Sami had the doll that she had always wanted, so she was the happiest girl in the world. On top of that, Ginna had found a new home.

Maybe Father Christmas is not able to arrive at all homes in the world but sooner or later he can bring the magic of Christmas to all of us.

Merry Christmas! 

Estefanía Díaz, 1st year Advenced Level

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