lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Crisis comes to us all

“Crisis comes to us all”                 Francisco E. Fernández. 1st Year Advenced Level.
Recently, a letter was brought by a five-year-old child to this newspaper. It stated it should be received by all children in the world. This letter is the beginning of the aggressive advertising Christmas campaign which is expected from the North Pole.  Read it, please, it is excellent.

“Dear child,
I am writing this letter due to the fact that I need to let you know some tips, and I would like to do it before Christmas arrives because the list for Christmas’ gifts is still empty.
I hope you have received my desperate letter just before the beginning of Christmas is  made public by the ‘Corte Inglés’.

Thirty years ago Christmas was announced by the snow, but it hasn’t snowed for a long time owing to the climate change. Little by little the spirit of Christmas has been lost. The towns might not be lit with millions of coloured lamps because of the global crisis.
Crisis has also reached my comfort zone. My sleigh is not pulled by reindeer any longer. It has had a feed shortage and as a result my reindeer have left. First left Rudolf, he has always been the weakest, and little by little, all the others have been leaving me.
Presently, a penguin team was hired only for fish; we have a lot in the Pole. But I had to modify the transportation because unfortunately, penguins don’t fly, they swim.
Furthermore, a black sheep, the Chinese elf, sneaked among my staff. Two months after he had slipped away, the toys’ designs for the winter season were stolen.
Therefore, Christmas will be flooded with unapproved toys.
All evidence shows I have been betrayed. Three Wise Men, who come from the east, have formed a co-op and they are running a big store. I’m not sure, but I think that its slogan is ‘Toys Are Us’.
Their plot has been reported to the authorities, but they have diplomatic immunity.
I have no intention to influence in your decision; I would only like you to know the truth.
And if I am elected first when you write the list for your Christmas gifts, you will know that you will be helping to keep the true Christmas spirit alive.”

The letter is signed by Father Christmas. It is amazing , isn’t it?

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