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The Best Christmas Present

When I was a child I would spend Christmas holidays with my family. Every year we used to do the same things: we always put the Christmas tree up and the Nativity together, then on Christmas Night all the family had dinner, the delicious food which my grandmother had cooked. After that, on New Year’s Eve, we usually ate the grapes and finally, I looked forward to The Three Wise Men’s arrival.

I especially remember the Christmas time in 1995. It was Christmas Day. I was 6 years old. I was playing when suddenly the phone rang. My grandfather picked it up. It was my father who announced to us that my brother had been born! I already had a sister ,but he was the first boy in the family. We went to see him quickly. I was very excited and I’ll never forget the moment when I met him.

After a few days, my mother and my brother, called Rubén, came home. Everybody visited them. As a result, I was a little jealous because the people didn’t pay attention to me. I would have liked to play with him but I couldn’t do it as he was very small.

My parents and I went shopping, but they bought lots of things for my brother. It was incredible! I was the eldest daughter and there wasn’t anything for me. I thought it would be a fantastic day because I would love to listen to some carols and look at how the streets were decorated, yet it wasn’t like that.

On 5th January, my parents and I used to see the parade. I had written the letter weeks before and I put it in a mailbox because my parents had forgotten to do it. That night I went to bed early expecting The Three Wise Men to arrive, although I thought they wouldn’t remember about me either. The next day I woke up very early and I couldn’t have imagined there would be so many presents for me! We opened them and I played with my new toys.

Nowadays I think my brother was the best Christmas’ present since that holiday would have been very different it he hadn’t been born.

                                       Soraya Suárez González  1st Advanced Level

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