lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Tom Sharpe is back

Tom Sharpe is back with Wilt. If you are or have ever been into the Wilt Saga, you are surely ready to preorder The Wilt Inheritance, the brand new 336 page paperback coming out on 25 May 2011.

Stuck in a job he doesn't want - but can't afford to lose - as nominal Head of the Communications Department at Fenland University, Wilt is still subject to the whims of The Powers That Be, both in and outside of work. The demands of his snobbish wife Eva, and the stupendous school fees of his despicable quadruplet daughters, cause him the biggest headaches...apart from the hangovers, that is. When Eva signs him up for a summer job, teaching the gun-toting idiot son of a lusty local aristocrat, Wilt is not amused. But, as circumstances unravel and the summer goes on, Wilt sees that the situation could be put to his financial advantage, as well as giving Eva some headaches of her own. With Tom Sharpe's famous dark humour in full evidence, and an explosive plot which takes its readers to places they never realised they wanted to visit, "The Wilt Inheritance" is another instant classic from the British master of farce.

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