lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

What you know about Alice (2NB)

How much do you know about Alice?
Here's a not so difficult quiz for you to demonstrate that you are a real expert!

1. Well, let's start with an easy one, who wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass?
2. Let's keep this quiz easy (at least for a while), what was the first Wonderland creature Alice saw?
3. Who told Alice the long and sad tale?
4. Who kept appearing and disappearing?
5. Who was NOT at the Mad Tea Party?
6. What did the Walrus and the Carpenter eat?
7. What famous nursery-rhyme character did you meet?
8. What poem did Alice read reflected in the mirror?
9. What colour were the playing cards painting the roses?
10. What is the Secret Word in the Wonderland Word Search?

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