lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Playing with words1 (1NB)

The author of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland was Lewis Carroll. If you read his books you will find out very soon that this was somebody who loved playing about with words.
Carroll was a big fan of word games and used to make up new ones all the time. He liked creating these games for children.
You can now play some of these word games:
1. Anagrams

Lewis Carroll enjoyed creating anagrams. An anagram is when the letters from one word (or set of words) are jumbled up to create a new word (or set). For example, you can mix up the letters in the word POST and get the words STOP and TOPS.
There are also some famous anagrams. Here are a few of them:
Schoolmaster = The classroom
Funeral = Real Fun
Eleven plus two = twelve plus one
The Morse Code = Here come dots
Lewis Carroll created one well-known puzzle that used anagrams. See if you can find answer:
If you want to create your own anagrams (maybe using your own names) then there are plenty of websites that do the job for you. You can find a good site at:

A Russian has three sons. The first, named Rab, became a lawyer. The second, Ymra, became soldier. The third became a sailor – what was his name?
Clue: look at the names of the two sons and play around with the letters.

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