domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Victoria García. Primero Nivel Avanzado Inglés

       When I was a teenager, I read Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland, but I didn´t really understand anything because I found it very difficult. Now I have tried to read it in English and it has been hard work again because of the vocabulary, the puns, the jokes and other things.
       What was Mr. Carroll really thinking about when he began to write the book? Is this, in fact, the way he kept away from the ordered world of Mathematics? Was this story a refuge of madness from his very conservative personality and preference for order? These are some of the questions that I make to myself after reading it.
       My favourite parts, the most amazing ones in the book are Alice´s adventure in the kitchen, when she met a Cheshire cat who is always grinning, and the crocket game when the Queen was always ordering people’s beheading.
       The main trouble when you read this book is to keep attention while you are reading nonsense dialogues and a sequence of unfinished situations.
       In conclusion, it is not an easy book, and it is very difficult falling in love with it.

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  1. Hoping you soon find a more interesting book and let us know about it on the blog!

  2. Oh, great, at least there is another person whose thoghts and opinions are quite similar to mines. I don´t like Alice!!!