domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Alice in Wonderland. Graciela Suárez. 1º Nivel Avanzado inglés

Alice in wonderland
As a little introduction to Alice in Wonderland, we must say it is a book which mixes dream and reality in a fictitious place.
Satire and caricatures are used to criticize the social moment where the author lives.
Alice in wonderland is a book which links a girl’s involvement in adults’ world.
The book starts when a girl, Alice, goes after a white rabbit; From that moment on Alice lives some fantastic adventures: from eating a cake and, talking a caterpillar, a pig or a Cheshire cat or her playing cricket with the crazy Queen.
After all her adventures, she realizes that she had lived a nightmare; at the end she becomes aware the nightmare will be the future society.
The book is, in general, an easy book whose vocabulary is not so difficult; in fact there are many children adaptations of it.
Lewis Carroll explains a nightmare where a girl faces up with a new world for her, adults’ world and Alice is seen as the Victorian heroine.
The most outstanding chapter is the picnic with the hatter and I believe this chapter is a criticism towards British society and the tea tradition of a crazy country, as the Cheshire cat said.
Finally, I recommend this book because it is a wonderful world of a dreamy girl, an unpredictable novel where there is a clear criticism to Victorian education and society.

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  1. I like your paralelism between the novel and the victorian society. Thanks.